Building Design Services

As Building Designers,

we are typically the first consultant within the process prior to the commencement of construction, therefore our service includes assisting our clients through the entire required process up to builder handover.

The graphic below explains this process in further detail. The icons enclosed by a box represent the services that we provide in house, whilst the other icons represent the work of other consultants whom we can recommend. 

Prior to engaging you as a client, the MR Design team offers a FREE site consultation to gain a full understanding of your current home/tenancy and the requirements you have, allowing us to provide you with a customised quote to suit your specific needs.

On site we will complete a site analysis for key items such as layout dimensions, site restrictions, views, orientation, and neighbouring properties.

Please take full advantage of this free consultation, our skills, knowledge and experience. We are here to help and be the perfect partner for your design project. Plan with confidence, design with style and expertise.
Graphic Process
Concept design

Concept Design

Lets begin!
Firstly we will establish your project’s parameters before we can begin to develop your concepts. These will be influenced by project scope, budget and your individual requirements.

During concept development we will investigate a number of ideas. It is not unusual to receive a number of alternative ideas for your project, as we will be thinking about broad issues, looking for advantages of the site and ways to design more efficiently. These alternatives may challenge your thinking but we challenge you to be openminded and communicate clearly about what you do and don’t like, but most importantly enjoy the process and have fun with it!

As part of this stage our deliverables to you include schematic layouts of the floor plans and 3D perspectives of the proposed concept. This will allow you to see a holistic overview of the project specific needs.

Design Development

Still keeping you in the design headspace for this stage, we will come together for a design meeting to review & discuss the concept plans that were presented to you. This is the stage where we talk over the finer details of the project including the look, finishes & budget. In this stage we still welcome & encourage new design ideas that may have developed from your initial review of the concept.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts & your review of the concept design. Together we will work through your design review & update the concept accordingly. At the end of this stage you will receive a package that includes updated plans as well as more information such as elevations, more 3D imagery & a basic section.
Design Development

An example of a concept floor plan:

Example of floor plan

Town Planning DA
(Development Application)

Town planning is only a requirement for your development in certain circumstances. A perfect example of this would be if you have a Queenslander home or house dating pre 1946. Another example would be the division of your land, both requiring a Development Application through a town planning consultant.

Generally, pre 1946 homes are located within a Traditional Building Character overlay and any works to the home eg. Partial demolition, extensions to the front or sides, ect. may trigger a DA application.

If this stage is required for your project we use the plan set formed in the Design Development stage to get you quotes & signed up with the planners. They will then assist you to lodge an application to gain you Development Approval.

Constuction Plans
(Building Approval - BA)

At the commencement of this stage all design elements have been completed, signed off and the project is now ready to be documented for the use of builders, Structural (engineers & other external consultants that may be required for your building approval.

This is a very involved process for your designers to undertake. We document all the little details to ensure that the final product is as envisioned by your design team and yourself. Your chosen engineers will receive the design in DWG format to start their collaboration with us. As well as everything mentioned above, this stage also ensures all elements of the design are compliant with the National Construction Codes, Australian Standards & any other relevant codes to your project.
construction plans